We all live in a world bombarded with
EMF Electropollution. Exposure to these foreign frequencies disrupts the natural function of cells, causing the immune system to suffer from biological damage.

With this breakthrough technology,
we are no longer in danger!!!


  A "Before" and "After" test can be done with the following: Live Blood Cell Analysis, Hair Analysis, Electrodermal Screening, Bio Feedback, Vega test, Mora test, Reba test, Eagle test, Aurameter, Kinesiology, and L-Rods.
We observed an increase of these types of testing facillities in Canada and U.S.A.


By applying ELFR ELIMINATOR chips to common household and office devices,
dangerous extremely low frequencies of
radiation are brought to normal, healthy
levels. They harmonize the electric and
magnetic field to eliminate E.L.F radiation.

They provide EMF PROTECTION.


L-Rods are effective tools to measure
electric and magnetic fields together.
The interference these fields produces
EMF Electropollution. They have proved in controlled tests to pick up weak electro-
magnetic influences as accurately as any
scientific instrument.
In this section, you will learn how to make
and use these tools.


  A Home Eradication is a home service
that we provide that consists of inspecting
and clearing the home and land of EMF
Electropollution and Geopathic Stress.

A laser is used to harmonize electric and
magnetic fields, and GS Vortex inserts are
used to perform earth acupuncture.


  Hair Analysis is available to help those
who suffer from a range of health-related
problems. It can be used to test pets since
they are also part of our family.

Hair Analysis is one of the biggest kept
secrets in competitive horse racing to
achieve optimum health and performance.

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