01. How is your sleep? Do you feel rested and fresh in the morning?

02. Do you need a long time to fall asleep?

03. Do you regularly wake up during the night?

04. Do you eat a healthy diet but are still deficient in vitamins and minerals?

05. If you have small children in your family, is a baby always moving to one side or corner of the bed?

      Does he/she have nightmares?

06. Does a baby cry for prolonged periods of time for no apparent reason?

07. How is the concentration of your child at school?

08. Are there any chronic health issues you or a member of your family has to cope with?

09. Is there a history of cancer in your family?

10. Do you see signs of abnormal growth on trees or bushes around your house?

11. Do you have problems with ants, bees or other insects in your house?

12. Does your cat enjoy spending time on your bed?

13. Do you use an electric blanket?

14. Is your home heated by a floor heating system?

15. Do you feel drained after spending time in front of your computer?

16. Do you feel that you are sensitive to electronics?

17. Do you have a home beside a hydro field, electrical street pole or satellite towers?

18. Is your home on a waterfront?

19. Do you have a lake or river near your home?

20. Do you have a well on your property?

21. Do you have a cottage on a waterfront?

22. Did you travel a lot and sleep in hotel beds?

23. Did you spend a number of nights in a hospital bed?

24. Do you spend long periods of time under fluorescent lights?

25. Do you work in an area bombarded with electromagnetic pollution?

If you answered yes to some of the questions, you may have Geopathic Stress. 

Get tested by someone that does Live Blood Cell Analysis/Microscopy, Vega testing, Electro Dermal Screening, Biofeedback, Reba testing, Eagle testing or send us your hair sample and we will analyze it for you.

There is a $75.00 CND fee + applicable taxes for this test.

For more information on this, please contact us @ 416 399-0634


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