Is 5G, Geopathic Stress or Electromagnetic Pollution in your home making you and your family sick?

A home eradication is more important now than ever with 5G cell towers going up in our city.
Protect your family and book an Eradication for your home.

An Eradication is a home service we provide that consists of inspecting the land by means of dowsing to find all vortexes of harmful electromagnetic pollution or dangerous hot spots caused by the Hartmann Grid, Curry Lines, Water Veins and man made Geopathic Stress zones that emanate from 5G technology, high tension wires, satellite towers, electrical street poles, CFL lighting, smart meters, and even your fuse box.

Once we locate these vortexes, we perform earth acupuncture by strategically placing GS Vortex inserts in and around your home to effectively eliminate the vortexes permanently by neutralizing them.  These inserts are made from a specific Zinc and Copper formula, which is safe and natural

After the outer part of the home has been treated, we enter the home and test each person with a Vegatest machine and dowsing rods. We then treat everyone in the home with a Lotus Shield eliminating and nullifying effects of negative or man-made frequencies in the body, bringing them back to a normal level.

For optimal health, we should all be as close to the Schumann resonance as possible, which is the same frequency as healthy earth and water.
EMF and Geopathic Stress exposure changes your body’s frequency from the normal operating range of 6-9 hertz to 10.5 hertz or higher.  Any distortion of this operating range creates a stress with the potential to weaken the immune system of any mammal, leading to greater susceptibility to viruses, bacteria, parasites, environmental pollution, degenerative disease, and a wide range of health problems. It depletes your body of important minerals, making you acidic which is breeding ground for disease.  The most common minerals found to be depleted are Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, and Phosphorus.

When everyone has been treated, we use our special laser and light beam technology that produces high energy positive photons and basic frequencies to eliminate detrimental fields from the fuse box, all electronics, all transformers and appliances.  Lasers are used to treat the light bulbs in the house with the Schumann Resonance so they can generate a therapeutic energy.  This is similar to what space agency NASA does to space shuttles to safeguard the astronauts.  Geopathic Stress energy will also contaminate your bed, down filled pillows and blankets. Our technology is used to clean them.  ELFR Eliminators are used on wireless technologies like Wi-Fi routers, Smart TVs, and Cordless phones.

The benefits of a home eradication include:
- protect against 5G technology, geopathic stress, and all other sources of EMF pollution
- live in a health frequency environment
- experience better quality sleep, maximizing nutrient uptake and cellular detoxification
- optimize cellular energy levels - improve immune function instantly
- enhance health and well being - less stress and more positive energy
- feel more relaxed and grounded - alert and fully re-charged
- significantly increase energy and mental clarity

The cost of a home eradication starts at $300 for a 2,000 square foot home.
There is an additional charge for inserts.  For an average size home, two inserts are needed per vortex.
We also recommend an insert for each bed and one where remedies/supplements are stored.

With a Home Eradication, we have the ability to restore and preserve our special spaces. 
Call us @ (416) 399-0634. 

Knowledgeable expert consultants will discuss your options, and offer cost-effective solutions.

 “DO IT YOURSELF” Home Eradication kits are now available for those who live too far away to travel. 

  Do it yourself kits are available for those who want a complete solution for EMF Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress.  These kits include everything you need to completely clean and protect your home or business, including detailed instructions from one of our experts.

  The L-Rods are used to identify extremely low frequency radiation and Geopathic Stress.  You then apply the ELFR Eliminators to your household electronics and appliances.  You wear the Lotus Shield to eliminate and nullify the negative effects of Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress from your body, and use it to treat others in your family, including pets.  Use the Vortex Inserts to harmonize the electric and magnetic fields from Geopathic Stress around your home/or business.  The most important place to protect is your bed. 



Eradication Kit



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