Electromagnetic Pollution is an invisible health threat. Also known as E.L.F.R.
(extremely low frequency non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation).

  Science has proven that bioelectric impulses control our bodily functions. Modern electromagnetic fields (EMF) in our environment can cause stress at the cellular level. With the proliferation of more and more electronics, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi networks, hydro towers, and wireless products, we are becoming exposed more than ever before.

By applying our ELFR ELIMINATOR chips to common household and office devices, dangerous low frequencies of radiation are brought to normal, healthy levels.  They do not affect the quality of transmission of a cell phone, or harm electronic equipment in any way, but rather they harmonize the electric and magnetic field to eliminate low frequencies of radiation. They provide EMF PROTECTION. 
This is accomplished using a specific zinc/copper formula embedded with Basic Frequency Technology.
It is a safe and natural scientific process.

  ELFR ELIMINATORS have been tested, used and recommended by homeopathic and holistic practitioners world wide since 1997. 
Apply one chip per device.  Use them and protect yourself from EMF Electromagnetic Pollution.

  ELFR ELIMINATORS are easy to use, fit on all cell phones, computers, and wireless products. They attach in seconds, and do not expire. Place the chip on the front or back of any normal electronic equipment.

It is strongly recommended you use ELFR ELIMINATORS on devices that you operate in their electromagnetic field such as:

- Cell Phones, Cordless Phones and Headsets
- Computer Hard Drives, Monitors, Laptops
- Baby Monitors
- Wireless Routers
- Smart Meters
- Wireless Gaming Systems, Videogame Controls
- Portable DVD Players, Car DVD Monitors and Players
- GPS Navigation Systems
- Bluetooths and other Wireless Devices
- MP3, MP4, MP5 Players
- eBook Readers, WikiReaders, iPods, iPads, PDAs
- AM/FM Transmitters, 2 Way Radios, Walkie Talkies, CB Radios and Pagers
- Satellite Dishes and Receivers
- Home Theater Projectors and TVs
- Alarm Clocks
- Microwave Ovens
- Hair Dryers (on the handle)

Testing the effectiveness of the ELFR ELIMINATOR

There are several ways of testing the effectiveness of the ELFR ELIMINATOR.
A “before” and “after” test can be performed with the following:

   Live Blood Cell Analysis/Microscopy
   Hair Analysis
   Vega test
   Electro dermal Screening
   Reba test
   Eagle test
   Kinesiology and more...

We have observed an increase of these types of testing facilities available in Canada and U.S.A.

ELFR Eliminators protect you from exposure to radiation produced by these products, and therefore make them safe to use. So these chips can help with your personal products.  For EMF Protection from other sources, such as the cell phone towers, Wi-Fi networks, and hydro towers, we offer other products like the Lotus Shield and Geopathic Stress Kits.

View “Store” for more product information.


ELFR ELIMINATORS are available in singles, packages of three, family packs(20), and wholesale boxes.


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