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  We are proud to say that Eradicator has been serving the community locally and worldwide since 1997, manufacturing a complete line of EMF protection products, specializing in Geopathic Stress Eradication. Eradicator works with the best homeopathic practitioners and doctors of natural medicine in the world. 
They incorporate what we do with their modalities to obtain the best results.

  Our hair analysis laboratory allows us to offer a wide variety of testing from electromagnetic pollution, geopathic stress, food allergies, and nutritional deficiencies to any type of infection. Once the test has been conducted, we provide a detailed report with recommendations which may involve supplements, homeopathic remedies and dietary advice to take immediate action if necessary.

  The effectiveness of our products or services can be measured with Hair Analysis, Live Blood Cell Analysis/Microscopy, Vega test, Reba test, Eagle test, Biofeedback, Electro Dermal Screening, Kinesiology, Aurameter, and L Rods.

  We are committed to offering valuable information, outstanding products and rewarding services to maintain the highest levels of protection, performance, health and well-being.


You can find us all over the internet under these industry leading domain names:

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